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Rockdale County Animal Services promotes and protects public safety and animal care through sheltering, pet placement, education, and animal law enforcement. 

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A future where our citizens and government work together so that every creature is compassionately cared for and has a safe place to call home.

Rockdale County Animal Services division educates, enforces and assists Rockdale County citizens and visitors with animal needs through a tactful, dignified, discreet, caring and protective manner. As part of the mission of RCAS, the division will strive to become a “no-kill” agency.

Health of Animals: RCAS values the welfare of the animals in our care and those in the community and will act in a caring and kind way.


Quality of Life: RCAS desires a high quality of life for Rockdale County citizens and pets and will work to create an enjoyable and positive environment for the community.


Cooperative accountability: RCAS will be accountable to each other and to Rockdale Citizens serve and will seek accountability from those that serve with us, so that we are able to reach the goals we set.


Care, Cleanliness, professionalism: We want to run an operation that is organized, clean, professional, and focused on care.


Efficiency use of tax dollars: We will analyze new ideas and programs to ensure that they align with the county’s financial goals. But we will also fight hard for additional financial resources when we believe there is a strong need.

Meet The Staff

Ciji Baker - Rockdale County Animal Services

CiJi Baker

Division Manager

Summer Witt - Rockdale County Animal Services

Summer Witt

Animal Welfare Specialist

MAYRA SHUMATE - Rockdale County Animal Services

Mayra Shumate

Administrative Coordinator

DUSTIN PAGE - Rockdale County Animal Services

Dustin Page

Animal Control Officer III

Employment Opportunities

Current openings for Animal Control Officer positions

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Rabies Alerts

Due to the seriousness of rabies and because it is such a preventable disease, Georgia State law and Rockdale County’s Animal Control Ordinance require all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and this vaccine be kept current for the lifetime of the animal. Vaccinating your companion animals against rabies helps protect them from the disease. Also, a vaccinated domestic pet population provides a buffer zone between wildlife rabies and humans.

12/10/2020 – There are no Rabies Alerts to report.

For more information contact Rockdale County Animal Services at (770) 278-8403.

Ciji Baker

Worked in animal control for almost 19 years (experience with 5 different county’s) and in the animal industry for over 20 years. Experience in boarding kennels, vet offices, and animal retail. Overseen animal control for Rockdale since March of 2009 but with the department since February 2006. Holds an associate degree in Business Management from Georgia Perimeter College and Currently working on obtaining Bachelors degree from Georgia Southwestern State University. Strives to improve animal control and the communities outlook on animals. Enjoys serving the citizens of Rockdale County and loves meeting the different citizen groups to include working with several local rescue groups.

Hold several certifications to include being Nationally certified in Animal Care and Control through NACA. Other certifications include cruelty investigations for household pets and livestock, adoption improvements, shelter medicine, and humane treatment of shelter animals.

Married with 4 kids, 4 dogs (2 French bulldogs, 1 great Dane, and 1 poodle/schnauzer mix), and 1 Siamese mix cat.

Free time (if any): enjoy going to the movies or just watching them at home, swimming, hanging out with wife and kids. Going on vacations or attending local events.

Summer Witt

I have been working with animals for 14 years, 10+ of those as an Animal Control Officer. Which is my true passion. I am a single mother with three children, and 3 fur babies. I have a pit bull and 2 cats. I have been very passionate about the humane treatment of animals ever since I was a child. In my free time I enjoy video games and the great outdoors. I look forward to continuing my service to the citizens and animals of Rockdale county.  

Mayra Shumate

Mayra Shumate was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Madison, GA where she currently resides. Mayra Shumate has been with Rockdale County Animal Care and Control 2.5 years. In May of 2019 she became the departments Animal Control Officer II. On any given day you can find her checking on the welfare of animals to befriending an aggressive dog through a cage door. 

Mayra has a 13-year-old daughter that is an active member of the Morgan County FFA Show Team. She currently has two show pigs that she is training and preparing for the state show in February 2021. 

Aside from the 2 show pigs that reside on the property, Mayra has 1 giant ball of fur named Avalanche weighing in at 120lbs. Avalanche is a Great Pyrenees that serves as the property’s livestock guardian dog. Mayra also has 2 barn cats; Mayhem and Felicia. Mayhem is a sassy flame point Siamese that was rescued from Rockdale County Animal Care and Control. Felicia is a senior semi feral cream-colored tabby that has been around for quite some time. There’s also some free-range chickens and a couple of roosters that act like guard dogs on the property. 

When She is not working, Mayra enjoys going to the beach, escaping to a cabin in the mountains, or simply kayaking.

Dustin Page

I have been with RCACC for over 6 years. I am the senior officer and training officer. I am nationally certified with both NACA and NACHO as an animal control officer. I also teach the CART class for the county and I’m a member of the safety team. When I’m not at work my wife and I run a senior dog rescue and live on a farm with our children. We have goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and a horse. In my free time (if I have any) I enjoy hunting, reptiles, and motorcycles.